Open the Door, Close the Door

posted by Mama Hope | April 27th, 2009 in Baby Del

We’ve moved (into our new apartment, that is)!

I thought I would post this video of Baby D from last month as a bit of a metaphorical marker. At this point, we close the door on our old life, and open the door on a new one.

Bye bye to our old home! Bye bye to our old familial tribe. Hello to a home that we can make for ourselves. The food is already grittier (we had zucchini potato soup with traditional kasha for dinner last night!), but we miss Nonna and Dave-a (Little D’s name for Grandpa Dave). We wake up almost *three* hours earlier now that our bed is surrounded by seven foot high windows. We struggle to get everything into its place, and I begin to worry how we can afford our rent, but my husband reminds me not to take the struggle too seriously.

This is only today’s struggle. Tomorrow, on to something different. We simply live it.

Thank you to all who sent support to us in our move. It’s been overwhelmingly exhausting but surprisingly smooth. I’ll be back now to my normal posting schedule, assuming all continues to go well. Thanks for your patience! Coming soon: pictures of the new digs, from squalor to blissfulnessness!

Love Love,

Mama Hope

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5 Responses to “Open the Door, Close the Door”

  1. Congrats again on your new home! Your little guy is adorable. Enjoy the coming weeks of making home home. See you soon, Jessica

  2. Congratulations on your new home!

  3. He is so cute and growing up so fast! I’m excited about the new place! Can’t wait to see pix once you are settled!

    elizabeth channel´s last blog post..Mumbers on Wednesday

  4. Hey there, we miss you, :-) I hope the new homemaking is going well. Sending you big karmic hugs, :-)

  5. When you get a chance, stop on over at Green Mamma. You’ve won an award!


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