New Videos! Baby Del Inside and Outside

posted by Mama Hope | March 25th, 2009 in Baby Del

Little D is getting to be quite the character! He started walking at 10 months and is quite accustomed to adventuring about. He’s now 15 months old! I captured these two videos of his wandering spirit and his absolute enthusiasm. It seems that he’s inherited both his mother’s spunk and sense of humor and his father’s appetite for perpetual motion. Plus he’s just a real charmer, if I do say so myself!

Baby D Roams the House

In this video Baby D clearly has something to tell us about, though I’m not sure what it is. He’s determined to parade up and down the hallway with his excited proclamation! I join in a bit just to give him some company! You’ll also have the pleasure of witnessing a rather large box filled with thrift store wool sweaters that my mother has been converting into soakers and baby legs, as well as a quite typical overflowing bounty of library books strewn about. Day, day!

Spring Time Play for Baby D

Here you’ll hear the sweet sounds of spring birds and Nonna Janice’s (grandma) distant voice reflecting upon the delights of spring — rocks, pinecones, Little D’s discoveries. Also featured is our favorite loafer and handy dandy mammalian vacuum cleaner, Baxter, the half beagle half german shepard! Keep an eye out for the wheel barrow, which Little D refers to fondly as his “car”.

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4 Responses to “New Videos! Baby Del Inside and Outside”

  1. Aww, adorable! He’s getting so big!

  2. I just love this age! Can’t believe he is this old though! Isn’t he supposed to be in a sling? What’s happening?

    elizabeth channel´s last blog post..Love in the Time of Swiffer

  3. You know, I haven’t done a great job documenting his ongrowing growth! I have scads of videos and images that I never got round to posting. But, yes, he’s 15 months, ’tis true! I keep telling my kids to stop growing, but they never listen!


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