I was delighted to read today a little bit about the life of Barack Obama through the words of his sister, Maya Soetero-Ng. I first saw Maya on the news as Barack toured through Hawaii on the campaign trail. As she was interviewed, she sported an “Obama-mama” T-shirt (that I coveted!) and was cheerful and energetic.

MOMocrats Stefania and Glennia recently interviewed Ms. Soetero-Ng at an Obama fundraiser in San Francisco. The interview provides a fresh look into the personal and family life of Obama, from salsa lessons to big brother protectiveness. Read the full interview at MOMocrats.com.

The MOMocrats are a group of Democrat Mama’s with loads of political experience under their collective belts, as it were. Their impressive bio’s can be found on their page “Meet the MOMocrats.”

To the race!

Mama Hope

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