We’re moving!

posted by Mama Hope | April 4th, 2009 in Daily Meanderings

This here be my official news that we are moving! I’ve delayed writing anything about it so far, as I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe something is going to happen until it actually does! But we’re ever so close as we’ve signed our lease and are waiting for our new landlord to complete our “punch list” on a few repairs. Then we move in!

The apartment we’re moving to is in a completely gutted and renovated old warehouse. It’s 1200 sq. ft. for our family of four, with exposed brick, vaulted wood beam ceilings, and 8 foot tall arched windows facing north and east. We’re actually quite fortunate as to have just barely qualified there, as it is a privately-owned subsidized low income apartment, in a program designed to help families save money toward buying their first home.

Goodbye to the Old

I haven’t written much about our personal living situation here at hdb, and I suppose that reveals me to be a somewhat private person, despite my openness about depression. The main reason I’ve not written about our personal space is that our personal space at the moment is not actually “ours”.

For the last two years, since relocating here from New York, we have been living in my parents’ home. It has allowed us to save money and has been a godsend for Little D. He truly is a member of a little tribe among us. We all chip in toward his care and he literally wanders about the house visiting us each in turn, showing us his little prizes or doing his “baby work” as we call it, imitating some or other behavior. One minute he’ll be “folding” clothes like his mom (read: taking them out of his droor and dragging them all over the house), the next he’ll be “potting plants” like his Nonna — scooping handfuls of dirt from the house plants into the dog dish!

Just writing this does make me a little teary-eyed. Time flies and even though the limitations of our arrangement have been clear — the lack of personal space, the difficulties in coping with our mismatched lifestyle preferences — this home has become our home. We were blessed and fortunate that my parents have been so generous with their space, and it will be sad to leave. But we do have great hopes for our move! Hubby and I are excited to have more quietude and privacy, and the opportunity to truly make a home for ourselves again.

Hello to the New

One of my hopes is that this move will return me as close as is possible to something resembling my old far away NYC lifestyle. In order to achieve that, I’ll have to:

  1. Walk to buy my groceries,
  2. Laze around in cafe’s reading books when I feel like it,
  3. Shop at farmer’s markets & be a member of a CSA, and
  4. Have fairly regular dinner parties and gatherings for drinks at adult-style locales wherein I may walk home satisfactorily altered.

Well, hey, I already got the CSA thing down, with this move I think I can pick up a few more! We’ll be walking distance from the library, the farmer’s market, a health food store and cafe, and our favorite Mexican restaurant!

I am also very excited to begin entertaining again now that we are finally getting out of the p’s. My ambitious plan is to try my hand at throwing some grown up style playdates for cards (not poker, just cards, no gambling!) and geeky board games. We are big fans of Euro games, and hubby is a certifiable board game geek. Many a night lately I find myself rounding up my 13 year-old son or my hubby to play another round of Stone Age (aff), hubby’s most recent birthday present, when I should be packing or posting! Hubby says Stone Age recently ousted Settlers of Catan (aff) as the favorite “gateway game” for introducing new folks to the joy that is the Euro game. Who wouldn’t want to sit around with cute, colorful wooden chips vying for points in an economically-oriented mind trip that could only be invented by a German sociologist?

Actually I just found out that another local mommie also plays Catan, so maybe I can enlist her help in recruiting more folks to the cause. Wish me luck!

Can you tell I’m excited?!

Penny for Your Tips

Have any advice on simplification and de-cluttering? Know how to make a move go smoothly? I can use your tips!

Ultimately, this last week has been quite a challenge, so I’ll need some luck to get through this. Staying on top of homeschool, plus packing, plus the baby, plus the blog and some hopeful work opportunities is trying my ability to stay on top of things. But life is about compromise, and about the ebb and flow of challenge and triumph, right? Or is that just the drama in my head? I’m reminded of one of my first blog posts ever, about preparing for baby’s arrival, written when I was in a similar whirlwind while planning our waterbirth!

Here we go again, big changes never stop coming! Well wishes are welcome and appreciated. And please share with me your de-cluttering, organization and simple living techniques! My big plan is to move over only the regularly used stuff to the new place, while our old room is available as a staging area for parting with things in a whirl of ebaying, craigslist and garage sale madness. I’ll need all the will power I can get to help me part with the unnecessary while making a satisfactory little solace of simple living in the new place.


With gratitude for your thoughts,

Mama Hope

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8 Responses to “We’re moving!”

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming move! We moved our family of six late last year so the memories are still fresh in my mind (I wrote a blog post about it called: Downsizing. How much space does a family of six really need anyway? http://tinyurl.com/c6zfwf)

    I felt decluttering and downsizing extremely satisfying. For us it was a huge job as we had not moved in 6 years (before 3 of our 4 children). Do you have people that can help? I took people up on their offers to help — I don’t think I turned anyone down, lol! Even friends who came over for a couple of hours one day to help really contributed to our success.

    Good luck! Just think about how great it will be when you’re done.

    FamilyNature´s last blog post..I Won! What a nice way to finish a tough week.

  2. Oh! I love Settlers of Catan. My brother-in-law has it, and we always play whenever we visit.

    Good luck with your move! Congrats on your new place!

    Allie´s last blog post..The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

  3. Congrats on your move, your new place sounds very cool, I’m excited for you guys!

    Wow, are we sisters??
    We are in a whirlwind ourselves, planning for baby, a waterbirth, and a move 5 weeks after baby arrives so I can get the sense of how much you have going on, although I have not added homeschooling to the mix-yet!
    I purge our stuff 2-3 times a year and love doing it. Purging has taught me a lot about not buying silly trinkets that is for sure. I’m a big believer in creating space, mentally and otherwise to bring in the new.
    I do the same thing as you have by creating a room/space where everything “in question” goes. Since I am short on time, I am not going to get too involved with where things go, so most will go to good will, perhaps with the exception of big ticket items for craigslist?

    I’ll be interested in what your readers have to say, cause | could use the tips too! Best of luck with everything, take it a day at a time :)

    Monica´s last blog post..My Quest For A Natural & Gentle Birth

  4. Congrats on your home! This is wonderful news! Also, you’ve made me curious about your water birth, so I think I’ll have to search your posts to read about that. Right now I am planning to deliver at a midwifery birthing center where I believe water therapies are available, though I’m not sure about the specifics for the actual birth.

    Last, as you well know from following my blog, I love to declutter and purge our belongings. Like Monica, my husband and I go through purging whirlwinds just about every other month. Right now I am nesting more than purging, and just love being domestic in most every aspect (sometimes, I even cook, :-)).

    I recommend reading the Fly Lady’s decluttering tips and also just parting with whatever you have not used in the last couple of months to years. Someone will use these items . . . just donate them to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or thrift shop. In a strange way I feel like every time we give away valuable items that we no longer need, I will come across a much needed item later that week or month that I’d been searching for for quite some time.

    Anyway, I hope you will not get overwhelmed by your move (this is the way I felt when we moved almost 2 years ago) and accept that you’ll part with items, get organized, etc. all in fair time.

    Again, congrats and I’m so excited to hear more about your new house!

  5. Family Nature,
    I read your post, thanks for the link! I’ve had exactly the same experience of being spread out and not liking it, which is exactly why we’re moving to an apartment with only one floor. I miss the ability to always know what my kids are up to! It’s inspirational to think that even with six people you made a small space work. Regarding our move, I do plan to seek out help, but I’m kind of a control freak so I’m having trouble figuring out which tasks to get help with!

    Thanks! Settlers of Catan is a great game when you have a nice group of people. Somehow it never matters whether you win or lose that game (though I try hard to win, of course, I have such a competitive streak!). Thanks for the well wishes.

    It does sound like you’re inundated at the moment! I didn’t realize you had a move in the works too! I hope you’re getting help for that. You’re going to be in seventh heaven and in no mood for packing! That’s amazing and impressive that you have such a regular routine for purging. How do you find the time?! I feel the same way about how keeping a regular budget affects spending. Lately I am amazed at how sales fliers have *no* effect on me. I just can’t be bothered with pages and pages of things I know I have no need for. Feels so good to make the change on a psychological level!

    Green Mamma,
    I love the idea that when you send stuff you don’t need off to someone who does need it, you make room for something you need to come to you! Beautiful! I will look up Fly Lady — never heard of her. So glad you’re having fun nesting! I remember how special that is.

    It seems like you guys, Green Mamma and Monica, are both hinting on the value of saving time by simply donating. Perhaps after I get tired of mailing books out I’ll feel the urge to just get it done with and send it all away! I’ll also take note of your reminders to take it one day at a time. Very good advice to keep the stress away! I’m trying to remind myself lately to accept things as they are, good to hear that echoed out there in the world! Thanks!

  6. Oh that new apartment sounds so perfect! And walking again–so wonderful!

    I don’t have much good advice because I tend to pack so much stuff that I should donate. I guess that’s my advice: simplify. Take only what you really use and donate the rest. Keep that spacious apartment open and airy! It’s so hard to go back and de-clutter once you’ve moved in. My house is a clutter nightmare, and it’s so cluttered I don’t know where to start.

    There–that’s all I can say.

    Sounds like a lovely spot to live in! So happy for you all!

  7. Congratulations! I loathe moving, but I’m always glad to be in a new place once all the work is done.

    Definitely work on the decluttering as you pack. No point in hauling it all around. I always get my kids involved when it comes to their stuff. If necessary, I just make rules about how much they keep. It also helps to talk about why you give things you’re getting rid of to a charity. My kids love to think about the kids who might be getting their old stuff.

    Stephanie - Green SAHM´s last blog post..Green Birth Control

  8. We, apparently, are closer to moving that I thought! Love this post mom, and keep commenting! She likes it!(I think)


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