What’s the best place to turn to find home remedies for common children’s ailments? Moms of course!

signs of teething
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Below is a list of the Top 10 teething remedies by natural moms from online forums. I compiled an informal count from several forums, including the Motheringdotcommune Natural Family Living community, Granola Chicks natural parenting community, and Amity Mama, the Attachment Parenting community. Of 179 recommendations reviewed and tallied, the following remedies represent the most popular solutions to ease teething pain and comfort baby’s gums.

Think you can guess the #1 recommended natural teething remedy? Read on!

10. Plush Chew Toys

Among the recommendations to try plush toys, the organic toys by Under the Nile (aff) were mentioned as being made specifically for teething.

Buying used items is a great way to reduce consumption of our natural resources (including packaging) and it’s often possible to find used brand-name toys on ebay that are every bit as sweet as they were new.

To locate used plush teethers on ebay, try this search:

plush baby (rattl*, teeth*) -new -nib -nip -nwt -bnwt -nwot (aff)

Or for lovey blankets on ebay, another possible teething buddy:

baby (lovey, “towel doll”) -new -nib -nip -nwt -bnwt -nwot (aff)

9. Your Finger, Ever Handy-Dandy

A number of moms reminded that your finger is a chew toy that’s never too far away. My problem with this solution? Once we have our first teeth it’s very difficult to teach the “Don’t bite mama!” lesson while simultaneously encouraging gnawing on your knuckles!

8. Cold Fruit or Vegetables

Several moms mentioned they use mesh feeders with frozen bananas, mangos, or other frozen fruit to help soothe painful gums.

An alternative to the mesh feeder (one that avoids the issue of plastic or petroleum-based synthetics altogether) is a knotted handkerchief or a muslin or cheesecloth sack. Many health food stores sell re-usable tea bags in undyed cotton or eco-friendly hemp (aff) that are ideal for the purpose and food safe. Be sure that the tie strings are cut shorter than 9″ (not too difficult!) as longer strings can represent a strangulation hazard for babies.

Moms also offered large refrigerated or frozen pieces of carrot or celery, cut too large to place entirely in the mouth. (Cold carrots are a fave of my eight-month old now, as well as carrots straight out of the garden and just washed!)

One mom claimed that celery actually has numbing properties that help lessen the pain of teething.

Another mom notes that until babies have both upper and lower teeth, they can’t actually bite off pieces of carrot. Once your baby has broken teeth top and bottom, however, use caution giving him food unsupervised. According to Wikipedia:

Infants chew on objects to aid in the teething process. This can be dangerous if the baby is allowed to chew on objects which are small enough to be swallowed or which could break while being chewed and cause choking.

7. Wooden Teething Toys and Rings

Wooden teething toys are of course a generations-old solution to teething pain. Some specific mentions popular among natural moms were wood teethers by Camden Rose, Haba, Selecta (aff), and organic toys by Keptin Jr. All of the above brands include toys made in Europe or America.

My personal experience with wooden toys for teething is that a baby’s preferences are truly dependent on age and stage of development. When shopping for teething toys, keep in mind the size of the object, as we’ve found some teething rings too large to be comfortable at a younger age. For younger babies, weight is also an issue!

And don’t forget the ubiquitous alternative to the wooden teething ring: the wooden cooking spoon. Nearly every kitchen has them, and they’re food safe! We picked up a few new ones at the grocery and gave Little D. the old ones to be doubly sure any wood finishings had long since worn away. Keep an eye out for wooden spoons, measuring cups, and measuring spoons while garage sale shopping, too. They’re all inexpensive favorites!

Don’t forget to research used sources to reduce consumption of our natural resources! We’ve gotten a few of our Haba teethers on ebay.

To locate used wooden teethers on ebay, try this search:

wooden baby (rattl*, teeth*, toy) -new -nib -nip -nwt -bnwt -nwot (aff)

Happy hunting!

6. Single Dose Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

Chamomilla is a single dose homeopathic remedy, one that is packaged in the Hyland’s Kids’ Kit (aff) that we recently purchased online. The easiest way we’ve found to give the dose is to simply crush the very small tablet with a spoon, add a bit of water, and give to bébé.


We decided to give single doses a try, rather than a multi-dose remedy (see below), as it seemed more cost effective in the long run. The Kids’ Kit also includes a bumps and bruises ointment and remedies for coughs and colds that I figure will be handy in the future.

I also wanted to have more control of which remedy I was giving to Little Del, and having single doses allows me to have that. Although I’m still a newbie to homeopathy, the low, low doses don’t scare me the way prescription treatments do, so I feel free to experiment. By giving single doses I can make note of which ones seem to offer relief, and then try that first next time while also having some information to offer a homeopath or naturopath, should we ever have need of one in the future.

As I say, “It’ll either work, or it will do absolutely nothing!” Why not give it a go?

5. Clove-Oil for Painful Gums

Among the clove-based teething remedies recommended were Gumomile and Gummy Rub.

You can also make your own clove oil home remedy. Cynthia Mosher from the Mothering forums explained:

Clove oil is a possibility too and it works very well but you must be very careful with it as it can cause blistering of the gum if used in excess. It should be diluted in a carrier oil - 1 drop of clove oil in 1-2 tablespoons of almond oil or another edible oil - and gently massaged into the gum.

Castor oil was mentioned as an anti-inflammatory and a good carrier oil for home remedies. Several moms, however, cautioned against the use of clove oil and clove-based treatments like Gumomile, as it is quite strong. Some had bad experiences themselves.

Always test on yourself first and remember that you’re treating a baby! If it seems strong to you, it will be very strong for your lil’ loved one!

4. Amber Teething Necklaces

Moms varied in their assessment of the effectiveness of amber teething necklaces to comfort their babies when teething, but all seemed to agree on one point — they’re beautiful, so what the heck!

3. Ice Cube and Slushy Remedies

Among my sources, 17 moms enthusiastically recommended frozen remedies to help ease the pain of teething. Moms chose either plain water, breast milk, or diluted chamomile tea, frozen in cubes.

Mollyeilis at the Mothering forums, was super-enthusiastic, like many of the recommendations I read:

Cold teethers, nursing if that’s part of your lives…ooh, a good one is frozen breastmilk (again, if that’s part of your lives) given as sort of a slushy. My son LOVED that.

Methods for preparation varied among moms:

  • Ice cubes placed in a handkerchief, washcloth, cheesecloth, or a feeder. For younger children, some moms crush the ice cubes first. When using a cloth, some moms simply knotted it around the cube, some secured it with a rubber band (Use caution as a broken rubber band could represent a choking hazard!). As mentioned above, re-usable tea bags in undyed cotton or eco-friendly hemp (aff) are also an option. As you experiment, try wetting the cloth, or wetting just the center, before you set the ice cube inside.
  • Ice cubes prepared as a slushy.
  • Ice cubes scraped with a spoon and fed to baby.
  • Favorite drink frozen in a popsicle mold. This one comes as a comment from a dad and reader.

Once your baby is comfortable with solids, another idea is actually placing cubed baby food in the feeder or cloth, if you prepare your food with the ice cube method.

Electra375 at the Mothering forums explained her use of chamomile:

I make chamomile tea ice cubes in a little ice cube tray that came w a small frig unit. I put the ice cubes in a hanky and crush, I secure the hanky together. My ds loved them and was calmed. I have also used a little mesh feeder thing w a handle and if I don’t have chamomile tea cubes made regular work as well.

2. Cold, Frozen Washcloths

Hitting up the double digits in recommendations — and the most frugal of possibilities — is the simple washcloth teething remedy. Some moms freeze washcloths, some just get them cold but the concept is the same: wet, wring out, and place in the freezer. Similar to the ice cube remedy, above, some moms choose to dip the washcloth in chamomile tea before freezing.

Try out different degrees of coldness for your baby. If she doesn’t seem to enjoy the sensation, you can also try a damp or dry washcloth or hankie with knots tied in it; some babies enjoy the hardness of the knots. Finally, experiment with different textures and thicknesses.

And the #1 recommended natural teething remedy is…

1. Hyland’s Teething Tablets or Boiron Camilia

Both the Hyland’s and the Boiron (aff) brands are multi-dose homeopathic remedies. The concept here is that though not all babies have the same symptoms, most babies will respond to one of the ingredients included in the multi-dose treatments. You could achieve the same effect by testing various single-dose remedies on your child until you find the one that works best. No baby needs all of the ingredients at once; they’re just included for convenience to cover the most likely candidates for a large number of babies’ symptoms.

Boiron Childrens Products Camilia Teething Relief - 2 ozMulti-dose homeopathics represented the overwhelming majority of the teething recommendations among natural moms in the forums I surveyed. Although I grouped them into one item here, even separately they’d be the number two and number one slots. Of the 179 recommendations I reviewed, 40 were for Hyland’s and 23 were for Boiron.

Bear in mind that Boiron Camilia is a liquid and a vegan solution, but Hylands is not, due to its inclusion of lactose in the tablet formulation. Also, be aware that parabens are listed among the ingredients of the Hyland’s teething gel, but not the teething tabs. Parabens have been potentially linked (although inconclusively) to cancer, so if you’re the cautious type you might prefer the Hyland’s tablets.

Other Ways to Ease Teething Pain

Some other ideas listed in the forums are placing a rubber or silicone pacifier in the freezer, which works for babies who don’t use pacifiers for their intended purpose but instead chew on them as a teether. It’s super cute to watch Little Del chew on the handle of our natural rubber teether (pacifier)!

Also, if you’re a nursing mom, try chamomile tea or Rescue Remedy yourself, and beef up on Vitamin C which is purported to help.

[Edit: If you're a dad with advice or seeking advice on teething, my apologies for the slant toward moms! A commenter noticed this and graciously pointed it out to me. All of the sources on specifically natural parenting advice I found when preparing this article were geared specifically to women! But feel free to share sources for progressive dad's out there in my comments. Thanks!]

As for what works for us, my memory of teething with my now 12-year old oldest son is but a foggy memory, though I do vaguely remember a cloth teething caterpillar toy that he liked an awful lot. I set about to find the most common natural teething remedies now that my youngest son, 8 months, is actively cutting teeth. We’re still in the trial and error phase of solving Little Del’s little teething problem, and I’ll be sure to update here as we come to further conclusions. [Edit: ...And the winner is: popsicle sticks and cold carrots (supervised) and our amber teething necklace (so cute!)]

If you’re in the same boat as we are, and are seeking a solution to your baby’s teething problems, hopefully this list will give you an arsenal of options to help ease their woes.

Good luck to you and your wee one in finding the remedy that fits best!


Mama Hope

Disclaimer: The above content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to give medical advice. This content not intended as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of content found on this site.

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63 Responses to “Natural Teething Home Remedies: 10 Most Popular Recommendations”

  1. Hyland’s rocks! For the older child working 6-year molars, I love the frozen carrot idea! It does work!

  2. Little D. just loves the carrots! Sometimes in the grocery store we just give him some and then pop them back in the bag when we hit the checkout!

    And molars! Wow. I forget we’re in it for the long haul. Thanks for the perspective, Elizabeth!

  3. Little N isn’t a chewer so so many options don’t work for her. We have made her pretty comfy with just the amber necklace and occasionally homeopathic remedies.

    DS’s favorite was chewing on a spoon.

  4. This is some great information. My son is at the teething stage so I’ll have to try some of these methods.

  5. Jeska and Stephanie,

    Thanks! One of the biggest things I learned from this research is how every baby is different, so I think it’s good to have a list of options to try, even for different ages.

    For example, so many moms (over 20!) enthusiastically recommended frozen washcloths, but like Jeska I hand over a washcloth to Del and he just cries! We’re using homeopathy a bit now and I’m waiting for the month where there’s enough left in our personal shopping budget to get a teething necklace (we’re pretty strict about maintaining our budget categories, and I was jonesing for some books lately so that came first!).

    A cold carrot is still a major favorite with Del at nearly 9 months, as well as unfinished wooden spoons. I worry a bit with the carrot, as he can shave pieces off now with his top & bottom teeth. But we’re starting finger foods and we watch him very carefully, so my hope is that his interest will help him learn to cope with “grated size” pieces.

    More great ideas for posts! I’ve been planning a “skeptics research” into homeopathy and amber. Think I’ll look into early food safety too!

    Good luck with those gums to babies & mamas!

  6. My baby is one week away from being 6 months old and I think last night was the first night in the teething drama. She’d been doing really well not being nursed during the night and sleeping through pretty well and now is very fussy. I didn’t realize what was happening last night and just nursed her so I could get back to sleep quicker and then tonight, she was inconsolable so again, I nursed her. Am I starting down a bad habit road I’m going to have to break and does anyone have any advice about nursing and teething? I can’t find much out there on the web about this subject. (Note: my baby is a chunky monkey and does not need to eat at night except for the comfort factor.)

  7. KT’s Momma,
    I don’t think you’re starting a bad habit, IMHO. Your baby needs to be comforted and she’s comforted by nursing right now. My eight month old still occassionally needs to be nursed to sleep, but not all of the time. She’ll get it, but right now she just needs a little extra love. I would imagine teething would be quite painful. Also, when my son is sick he needs to be nursed more often and I just chalk that up to him needing some extra comforting.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Hi KT’s Momma and Laura,

    I wouldn’t be the very best person to help on this subject as I nurse my son to sleep regularly and still nurse during the night at 12 months.

    As to whether it’s a bad habit, that’s open to interpretation, of course! If your baby already has sleep associations other than nursing, I agree with Laura that a little nursing during teething is not going to change that! How we fall asleep can often relate to habit and association, so if you regularly set up other sleep associations those will stick, and in fact that’s usually how moms eventually wean from falling asleep at the breast — by setting up other associations. I think you can use your common sense here, if you want to be able to nurture falling asleep without the breast, make sure you continue to provide a consistent association outside of nursing most of the time — such as a lovey or a song or whatever you’re doing.

    And in my humble opinion babies as young as six months old cannot be spoiled. By giving your little one the comfort she needs, you’re establishing trust and security that builds on your bond and gives her the strength to cope with her situation now with your help, and to move forward independently when she’s ready!

    Best of luck KT’s Momma and thanks for sharing your experience, Laura!


  9. Thanks for the great tips. My youngest is teething horribly! Nothing is helping.

    Do you mind if I share these on my message board?

    admin of Chatter Scene
    a place for moms like you

  10. Did any Dad’s make suggestions? I’m a stay at home dad and I’ve got two comments: one, is that freezing my son’s formula is an ice pop mold and then letting him suck on the frozen formula is a fantastic way of soothing him when he’s teething; Two, what’s up with these sites that never mention Dads at all when it comes to advice or comments about raising babies?

  11. Chris,
    Thanks for sharing your board, and of course you may spread the word! Appreciated!

    First of all, I want to just say thanks for offering your comment without directly judging. I can only imagine it must be frustrating for you always being left out of the mix, and I realize I did write this post as if dads who care for babies don’t even exist! Guilty as, um, implicated!

    Thanks for the suggestion, also!

    You sparked my curiosity and I took a look at some of the links where I pulled recommendations, and then I realized: my sources probably wouldn’t have a lot of dads posting as their intended membership was implicit in their titles: Mothering, Amity Mama, and Granola Chicks. I guess you can understand why so many of these sites are directed toward women. On a quick internet search I found that, for example, in 2004 there were about 5.5 million stay-at-home-mom’s in the U.S., and only about 150,000 stay-at-home-dad’s. What a vital and important voice on parenting — yet less than 3%!

    That doesn’t make it any less frustrating, however, I’m sure. But I’ve taken your point, and I think it would be great to discover some progressive dad resources out there for parenting, to get a little perspective! If you know of any good forums or green and natural daddy bloggers, please forward!

  12. my LO is cutting some teeth. During the day she is good for the most part. Frozen slivers of bananna’s in the mesh feeders work well, and wooden spoons or rubber/silicone spatcular’s. Our problem is at night. she has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months and about 3 weeks ago she got a runny nose, and would wake up b/c she couldn’t breath. Most of the time she would want to nurse to go back to sleep. then we went back to sleeping through the night, now we are teething, and going through some developmental wakening. and the past 3-4 nights has been waking up at all sorts of different intervals. I called the nurse at my ped’s office, and was really unsatified when she was adament about me NOT nursing her back to sleep. but i will refrain from venting.
    My question is what about the orajel (with benzocaine)? I know this is a “NaturalTeething” site, is there any problem with giving them the orajel? I;m just looking for something that will help her make it through the night.

  13. The cold frozen washcloths were a lifesaver for all 4 of my kids. Our furniture still has teethmarks from before I learned about that remedy… :)


  14. Gina,
    I have done some research on Orajel and will be posting it this week. In short — it’s not known to be effective for helping babies through the night and is actually dangerous to use while sleeping. More on that in my post. Hope your little one is feeling better!

    So funny! Little D bit our headboard awhile back and we also still have the marks! I was instantly worried as it’s an antique. I don’t even know what they used for wood finishing back then. Fortunately his teething of late isn’t causing many symptoms except for drool! When he does need some help, his favorite chew toy has turned out to be the mouth of his sippy cup. They all work it out in their own way!

  15. We use hazelwood necklaces. Has anyone else heard of them? They are an old native american remedy to help with teething pain. The hazelwood apparently has the property of absorbing the body’s excess acid. We discovered them about a year ago and they have been a miracle for healing our 17 month’s old eczema (they help with a variety of ailments from teething, to eczema, to acid reflux; all associated with excess acid production) and helping with our 2 1/2 year old’s teething when he was a bit youger(he got something like 10 teeth in 2 months including 4 molars..) The necklaces are designed to be safe for babies to wear in case that’s a concern. I know it sounds weird but they work great for us! The website where you can get them is http://www.hazelaid.com

  16. I think I remember seeing a listing for hazelwood necklaces while shopping online once, but I was not aware of their origins. Thanks for the tip! I don’t recall running across them in my research, but as you can see, I only posted the “top 10″. Always glad to hear about new remedies. My husband has eczema, so maybe I’ll look into them!

  17. Thank you for posting about the tablets, I have not heard of using them before and I had tried *everything* even the frozen wash cloths to no avail.

    Julieann´s last blog post..

  18. i use Calcold syrup to soothe my baby through the night. It helps to get him to sleep fast, breath well and relieve the pain, but do give only the stated doses, i use this during the night and make use of paracetamol only during the day along with woodward gripe water 3 times during the day. u can use the gripe water after each feed.My son is over 4 mths and teething.

  19. Great post and blog. I have tried many but not all of your ideas but I am eger to try the ones you have listed that are new to me. The ice slushy sounds great and the frozen wash cloth.

    Dr. Heather Prenger´s last blog post..Greener Future Friday: Household Waste Disposal

  20. I heard from a natural mom that I met, that during teething babies need more calcium to assist in the process. So that is why babies tend to want more milk/nursing when they are teething. My daughter (2 1/2) has been getting her molars and we have noticed she becomes a little dairy machine (eating lots of milk, yogurt, cheese) For vegans, the other way to get the extra calcium is to soak barley in water overnight and then use the barley water to give to the teething baby.

  21. Thank you for the great tip on calcium Moma! My son is dairy sensitive, and I’m always looking for good ideas in that area; I won’t be nursing forever!

  22. I dont think that they would have put Baby Orajel on the box if it wasnt safe. You just have to use in moderation. The warning is just if too much is absorbed… Well if your putting that much on… The cold wash cloth works great and the homeopathic tablets are good too. Poor things!!! I now give my sone one bottle when he wakes up right now due to his teething issues. Again every child is different!!!!!!

  23. As far as Orajel and other medications, the thing to remember is that FDA approval does not mean that no one ever is injured by the medication, only that injuries happen in extremely rare cases.

    So the question is: how much benefit do you receive from a teething medication in relation to the potential risk of methemoglobinemia (blue baby) and/or possibly death? It’s a small risk, but it’s there. If the pain is truly terrible and disabling your child from sleeping or functioning for days on end, perhaps it would be worth the risk.

    But methemoglobinemia is real. There are documented cases of methemoglobinemia death due to benzocaine (the main ingredient in Orajel and Anbesol) use in cosmetic surgery. To see a video about this, see my post on Orajel safety.

    True, dosage is certainly an issue with benzocaine related safety. But some children are particularly sensitive or allergic to benzocaine. The only way to know for sure, is to give the medicine to your child, and watch them for signs of blue baby syndrome. Not my cup of tea, frankly! I have other things to worry about!

    For more on the subject, read my post on Orajel safety.

    But every child is different, and every mom is different! Fortunately my little Del’s teething problems have settled and he’s doing quite well. No one wants to lose sleep!

  24. Our almost-7-month-old baby is just starting to teeth. I planned to buy Orajel today but figured I’d do a little internet research first. THANK YOU for doing it for me! We’ll try alternative methods.

  25. My almost 3 year old is working on his molars. I found out a new trick to get to those back teeth!! Buy a new toothbrush, the new kind that has the soft gum cleaner on the back side. he just goes to town, and chews it like CRAZY!! You have some excelent ideas. Thank you…

  26. Anyone have an opinion about acetaminophen? I’ve been using an amber necklace during the day, along with hylands and some of the other above mentioned ideas, but doing tylenol at night. My daughter is getting her two bottom teeth at the same time (first ones, she’s 5 1/2 months) - and tylenol has been the only way she’s slept more than an hour for the past several nights…

  27. Katy and Rebekah,
    Thanks! I hope some folks will skim through the comments are read tips like yours. You never know what will work for your little pumpkin!

    I have read information on the Mothering forums that relate that acetaminophen may cause liver damage and ibuprofen may cause stomach damage. Of course these effects would mainly occur due to repeated use and possibly issues with dosage. I generally reserve the use of either for very extreme cases. Depending on the age of your teether, you might consider using more or less caution. A two-year old will have a more mature liver than a six-month old.

    Here is a quote from the Mothering forums:
    “Tylenol is metabolized in the liver by two enzyme pathways (let’s call them A and B). Pathway A is the main one, and when used normally, in the recommended doses, it’s the only one. But when there is too much Tylenol, when too much is given, then Pathway A gets “full” and pathway B comes into play. pathway B creates, as a byproduct, free radicals that damage liver tissue. That’s why Tylenol is dangerous when overdosed OR in patients with compromised liver function.”

    Hope this helps!

  28. My son just turned 3, so for those molars, I have put a new toothbrush, in the freezer. You can use an adult one, with the gummy massage backs, or a baby one. They can hold it themselves, and it can reach those molars, and not choke them… I found Nathan chewing the heck out of his toothbrush, and I realized his molars were coming in. Now that I think about it, are there “natural” toothbrushes?? Thanks!! I will definitely use these great ideas for the next one

  29. Hmmm, chewing on plastic…

    Ultimately I think I’d rather not have my little one chew on plastic, any type of plastic, but certainly not a polycarbonate (#7). Preserve makes a toothbrush of recycled #5 plastic, and I believe there is a company making a cellulose-based plastic toothbrush.

    I’d say it’s a tough call. Ultimately plastic manufacturing requires the use of lots’n'lots of chemicals. Another alternative would be rubber or silicone, both of which are generally considered safe-ish for babies to put in their mouths. For example, you can place a natursutten pacifier in the freezer to a similar effect — though it’s more flexible and perhaps less enticing to chew on!

    Natursutten also makes teethers, however these have recently been recalled by Canada — not for the surface but because the liquid inside was not bacteria-free.

    Vulli also makes natural rubber teethers with no liquid, some of which are a bit more solid and might be more fun to bite into!

    Personally, I’d rather have my little one chewing on a carrot or ice, but there’s no accounting for taste, as it were!

  30. My 16 month old has been a very slow and painful teether (2 more to go!!) Liquid homeopathic teething drops,whole grain maple teething biscuits from healthy times, and cold small organic apples(the whole thing minus stem and nub on bottom of apple) Good for older babies who can chew and have most of their teeth.My daughter loves them (supervised of course). She also does not care much for the cold washcloth or ice. When it comes down to it I will still nurse her during the night for 5 min or so to calm her down.

  31. I will suggest amber teething necklaces. They’ve been super. It might be too early to tell, but both of the kids have been way less irritable today. I haven’t given them any tylenol for teething pain, but they seem happy and pain free with the necklaces. Plus, the necklaces are adorable. I took the kids strolling in the mall today and got many compliments.


  32. My 7.5 month old twins are teething at the moment and I have been trying a number of methods in an attempt to help them get some relief. One product that has worked well for us is the Ringley teether (http://www.ringleynaturalteethingtoys.com/pages/product.php) that has a ring made of untreated maple and an organic cotton cloth with knots. My girls love to gnaw on the ring as well as the knots (I often soak the cloth knots in cold water which they also seem to like). I also make use of the mesh feeding backs filled with frozen peaches which one of my daughters in particular really enjoys. I very rarely have given them a small amount of Tylenol when they are particularly fussy and restless before bed but this is on rare occasions. For the last few weeks they have been waking up quite a lot but usually only need a reassuring pat to go back to sleep. It also helps that their crib is next to my bed so I just need to reach over instead of getting out of bed!! On a twin parents forum I go to frequently there is a lot of discussion about “sleep training” babies by letting them “cry it out” when they wake up at night but I just can’t let my little ones do that, especially when I suspect that they are crying because of teething pains. If they aren’t able to get back to sleep quickly I usually take them into bed with me (thankfully it tends to only be one at a time). But thankfully the last three nights have been wonderful with no night wakings and I hope this lasts for a little while!! Just one more thing to add: when speaking to my mother about what she did for us when we were teething she said she rubbed alcohol on our gums. GASP!! My, how times have changed!!!

  33. Woops! Made a typo - meant to say feeding bags not backs!!

  34. I am a Mother of two girls, my oldest now 12 and when she was teething I found that frozen crinkle cut french fries were awesome! The seemed to always soothe her gums. I also found that frozen mini bagels worked wonders. My youngest now only 11 months old (second marriage), loves the little rings you put in the fridge. She also likes cheese puffs to chew on and these are great because they practically desolve , still careful of the choing hazards!! Best wishes to all of you Moms out there who are going through the “teething” stage with your little ones!! Hang in there…

  35. OOps I meant “choking” hazards! My Youngest also likes carrots, peel a whole carrot and let them chew on it cold, chances are they aren’t strong enough to bite through it, but still careful of a choking hazard.

  36. Natural Baltic Amber is as remarkable as it gets. Coming from Lithuania, we sort of had a jump on all things amber as kids so it only made sense to give your child a teething necklace before all that anxiety set in. It is important to remember that natural Baltic Amber works in many ways…not just for teething. Consider arthritis and the pain it induces; other anxiety issues; etc. What better remedy than an all natural Baltic Amber necklace or bracelet? In any case, I wish you all the best of luck with your babies and loved ones who can benefit from the gifts of my homeland.http://www.amberartisans.com/

  37. Thank you for all the great ideas!! Some I have never heard of! I think nursing is probably the #1 for me, a stalk of celery works wonders as well. I had never thought of using breast milk for ice cubes, think I’ll try that!

  38. Hi, i am looking for natural
    alternatives to easing teething pain in my 8month old and came across this blog. I have read about the Hyland’s teething tablets being recalled because of the amount of Belladonna.

  39. During Oct-2010 Hylands Teething products were recalled by the manufacturer as requested by the FDA. Lab analysis by the FDA had Indicated various amounts of belladonna in product samples.

  40. Well I’m not completely sure my 5 month old son is teething?! I had thought that he was coming down with a cold, small temp rise, bit of a runny nose, red, itchy, and really watery eyes, fussy, and not going to sleep or sleeping well. These symptoms sprang up about a day or two ago. His gums are hard and bumpy, he has definantly been chewing excessively on things including his 4 sometimes 5 fingers, his pacifier, his clothes, blankets but when he grabs my finger and bites down, wow, it hurts. We do not return to the doctors until February but I would just like to know if it sounds about right that he is teething? I love the ideas! And cant wait to test them out. ps i also have a quick question about my son chewing on his blankets.. sometimes he shoves to much in or gets a corner and gags himself. I have such a hard time sleeping at night because I am so worried he will suffocate. He wont sleep with out a blankie(his hands still need to be swaddled but he still manages to wiggly them free) any ideas to help me out? thank you

  41. Teething Tablets have been taken off the market due to them having irregular amounts of belladonna. Which is a sedative and is poisons/deadly if too much is consumed.

  42. I’m a young aunt *17 when my niece was born**18 when my nephew was born* but I love my niece and nephew to pieces. That’s why I’m on here looking for tips to help my little man *nephew* out. He is so miserable and I know that over the counter medicine doesn’t always help me so I’m looking for natural ways to help him. He is cutting his 2 top and 2 bottom teeth all at the same time!!! And I feel so bad because tonight nothing would make him happy, I tried using teething rings, vanilla, baby Tylenol, and even a waffle *which usually helps tramendously!!* but tonight was just down right horrible he had a belly ache on top of all of that, so I’m just looking for tips to help his belly and his teeth. Please help me help my little man! :)

    Thanks bunches!

  43. My husband came up with filling our son’s pacifier with water and freezing it. This has been working since he was 4 or 5 mos old and is now 14 mos old and starting to get his 1st molars in. We do water because I am also a dental hygienist and know that frequent use of acidic and/or sugary foods can cause decay.

  44. baby bottle filled with juice or water turn upside down and freeze liquid will freeze in nipple..let them chew away.. do a few so when one is melted you have extra

  45. Hello,

    I just wanted others to know that Hyland’s took their teething tablets off the market. Apparently a child passed away because of an ingredient in the tablet. It’s most likely a one time/one child case. The other solutions work great though.

  46. We have practiced & utilized #’s 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 & 10 and loved these remedies. I love the idea of utilizing the echo reusable tea bag instead of the mesh bags. My son is getting his incisors now & won’t put down the Until The Nile greenbean teething toy we bought him http://www.milkmommymilk.com/O....._p_67.html
    I also did not know about the parabens in the hylands gel & currently the tablets are off the market.

  47. Has anyone heard of using an allspice bead neacklace?

  48. my little one is teething really bad, high fever for 24 hours now.

  49. I recomend Amber Teething Necklaces. They release oils that help sooth teething pain. They have been used for generations as a natural remedy for soothing teething pain.

    WeeRascals have a gorgeous range of amber necklaces. Check out http://www.wildsheep.co.uk & http://www.weerascals.eu

  50. I recomend WeeRascals Genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces. They are a traditional European remedy for baby teething, which have been used for centuries. A natural analgesic, amber will help to calm baby without the use of over-the-counter drugs and remedies. Wearing the Baltic amber close to the skin, allows the release of natural healing oils from the fossilised tree resin to help infants stay calm and more relaxed during teething.

    They come in so many different colours and look amazing!

    Check out http://www.wildsheep.co.uk & http://www.weerascals.eu

  51. Thanks for this great article! We love Chamomilla for teething. For more information about homeopathic teething remedies (and more information on homeopathy in general) visit http://www.succussions.com/201.....ng-remedy/.

  52. My son cut four teeth before getting an amber necklace (top and bottom) and has since cut 5 more with. The difference was night and day! He was miserable, in pain, didn’t sleep or eat well and drooled like crazy. The necklace helps a lot, he is now cutting molars and apart form the odd day, he is doing great! I got one from http://butter-n-honey.com and its knotted between each bead and has a safety clasp. If it gets caught on something it will break and if it breaks only one bead will come off. They only sell authentic Baltic Amber imported from the Baltic Sea. I would do anything to help my baby when he’s in pain so I tried it and it worked!

  53. Another thing to try, if your lil one is sensative to anything frozen or too cold, is to wet then freeze his pacifier, of course inspect for cracks before giving it to them. I use Avent pacifiers.

  54. Thank you for all of the great ideas!! I work with families with children 0-5 yrs and pregnant women, and am always looking for good strategies to help the teething children and their parents. Does anyone know what happened to the Humphreys strips. They used to be sold in different flavors and some of the parents preferred them over the tablets. I had some discomforts about them before and am especially concerned now that they can’t be found in stores. I’m guessing at least part of the reason is due to belladona.


  56. I have used amber teething necklaces on my two children since they were very young, at night too. I know some people think they are hocus pocus but my two kids drooled like mad anytime we left the necklaces off by mistake after a bath. Now that they are done teething, we still leave the necklaces on them and (touch wood) they are healthy little kids.


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