Psychiatric Disorders Always Cause For Concern

If someone were to tell you that he or she is feeling depressed at this time, do not regard this mild outburst with complacency. And especially if you are a good and trusted friend or a dear family member, do not ignore your mate’s shrug or your child’s sniffles. Because this is something that could get a whole lot worse than it already is. It could already be a disorder and you just did not know it.

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A strong case is being made to just look and listen a little more carefully and a whole lot more care. Never console in this manner by saying that it is not as bad as it seems. Or tell the distressed person simply that he or she is not alone and that there are plenty more out there that have problems, many of them a whole lot worse. This, of course, is not how psychiatric services chicago work will go. Behavioral therapists, clinical psychologists, clinical psychiatrists, caregivers, trained and qualified assistants, orderlies and volunteers, all of them, will and should be taking their work very seriously indeed.

So then. Do you know of someone who has just recently said that he or she is feeling depressed? Or are you feeling as though you are down in the dumps? Do not forget. Act as though you were the doctor herself by checking in again later and asking; how are you feeling right now. And if the response is negative, please do this right now. Take action. You might not be able to do much at this point in time.

But the best thing you could do is give the distressed person the phone number of the attending hospital. Or phone the hospital yourself.